Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nexus 10 Review

Update – When google released the google nexus 7, they shook the tablet market entirely. They didn’t have any major competition, but the google nexus 10 was dropped into one of the fiercest markets around, so this analysis of the pc tablet was something we required to share.

The bigger brother of the Nexus 7, and aptly named because of the size of the screen, we have the Nexus 10 review.


When it comes to anything Google Nexus, the reviewing process is kind of a tough prospect. The temptation to produce a two-word review (“its great”) is almost too tough to resist. However, the saving grace is that the Nexus is so great that you can talk about it pretty much endlessly as well.

Here, then, is a (thoroughly biased) review of one of the best tablets ever produced.

The Specs

The 16GB Nexus (the one we’ll be focussing on) retails at about £400.00 (although its recently dropped in price in many places) and is worth every single penny. From the Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ operating system to the lightning-fast NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core processor, this device is a joy. If you’re an iPad sceptic, then this would probably be the Android equivalent.

This time around, Google have given the Nexus advanced MIMO WiFi that makes web browsing up to 4x faster than regular WiFi. They’ve also gifted us with a stunning 2560 x 1600 resolution screen and a new graphics processor to match.

The Price

The truth is that £400 is a lot of money for anything. However, with its advanced specs, cool design and trusted model (the 7” Nexus is, for my money, the third best 7” tablet ever created), you can make a case for the Nexus 10 being a bargain. But, having said that, as far as I can see, the price is the main problem with the new Nexus. In straying over to the ‘cheaper side of expensive’ price range, Google have put this new contender in the ring with the all-conquering iPad. Personally, if I were going to break the £400 mark, I’d go for broke (literally in my case) and get the iPad. I think a lot of potential Nexus customers will make the same decision. Also, for those customers who prefer Android to iOS, there still will be plenty of competition from other tablets before a sale is made. Perhaps a few notes off of the asking price would have gone a long way?

The Performance

The Nexus 10 performs wonderfully. At least as fast as the 7 (by my reckoning its faster), this little Godsend really gives you its all. Also, with Google handling Android (and thus the Android store), everything you do on this tablet just feels, I don’t know, smoother. It is a clever and confident machine and you feel clever and confident as you use it.

The screen is perfect for movies/streaming and the touch function is supple and responsive. The whole thing seems to work on reflex more than anything else and when you use the Nexus, you really get a sense of how good an operating system Android actually is. Some lesser tablets can actually stifle the kinetic flow of Android’s basic operation, but the Nexus runs Android like the original composer of a good song in comparison to a legion of bad cover versions.

It is user friendly, charming and fluidic and although the occasional lag does apply, you generally won’t hear a peep out of this one besides what you asked it to do in the first place.

Our Verdict

This is a truly awesome tablet. As the 10” version of the 7” masterpiece, the Nexus does for 10” tablets what the iPad Mini is currently doing for 7” tablets: diversifying the line and adding to the customer’s choice, whilst at the same time offering a superior product.

The price is a bit debilitating and is probably the only downside I can find without nitpicking, but aside from that, what we have here is a damn fine tablet. Damn fine.

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