Sunday, 12 May 2013

What is the Best Pc tablet for an Artiste?

Come on, by now you know what my answer to this will be. I assume, by now, that you know what Yup, that’s right…Hey, waddaya mean you’ve no opinion?. OK, fine. I’ll tell you:

‘An iPad’

Indeed, the Tablet I am recommending isn’t a PC at all.

The theory is that imaginative people depend on the right side of the brain more than the left, while the left brain users are more logical and reality-orientated. If you are a left brainer, you’ve probably already seen the flaws within ths article and have absolutely already dismissed the potential of writing an inspired email to me, because you doubt I will reply but it wouldn’t persuade be a productive use of the time. If you are a right brainer, you’ll be able to expect mostly poverty and woe, but some very cool ideas along the way.

In distinctive right brain fashion (that is to mention ‘a threatening letter written in monkey’s blood’) I’ll now make my case.

Speaking as an imaginative person, a lifelong right brain user (I have even taken the test) I have a much harder time about to grips with Microsoft products than I do with Apple’s equivalents. I’m On good terms with MS Word, but only after years of squabbling, but Adobe Photoshop’s secrets still escape me (and possibly will continue to do so forever). Without exaggeration, the arrival of MAC OS into my life opened the world of pcs to me .

I use my MAC to tape demos of music I’m working on, to draft detailed notes (which comprise sketches and ink paintings) for upcoming stories and even to spice up the colors of my paintings digitally. Without a MAC, I would not have a very good clue the best way to do these things.

There are some superb Tablet pc’s available and We are of course aware that not everyone seems to be as PC illiterate as I am, conversely, I’ve noticed that the majority of my more creative contacts prefer MAC for the same factors I do . Many of my most imaginative friends, including my friend (who’s a professional animator) find MACs to be superior.

So, to sum up, the top Tablet for an artist to purchase is an iPad.

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